Graystone Communications

Graystone Communications' global network includes some of the world's most effective and experienced business communications professionals.

Cropley Communications (Asia-Pac): Founded by Adrian Cropley, ABC, RSA Fellow, Melbourne-based Cropley Communications opened its doors for business in 2004. Within the global arena, the company’s services are delivered across all business sectors on every continent.
Focused on strategic communication management including internal communication, stakeholder management, employee engagement, change management, executive coaching and leadership training, Cropley Communication delivers solid business results against organisational targets. 

Strategy2Communications Inc. (North America): provides a full suite of public relations and corporate communication services, including strategy, change management, media relations, employee communications, investor and government relations.

S2C President David Moorcroft is an award-winning communicator with over 35 years' experience. Previously head of global communications for Royal Bank of Canada, David and his team achieved 50 national and international awards for excellence in communications.

Flametree Communications (UK/Europe):Flametree is an independent communications consultancy formed by Darren Briggs and Samantha Grant. Flametree's offer is straightforward. They use proven storytelling techniques to cut through corporate jargon and make complex messages simple. They coach and mentor business leaders and managers to become better at communicating, helping foster effective workplace conversations that lead to real change. 

Darren has nearly 25 years’ global, pan-European and national experience at Chief Executive and Board level in internal communications. Sam has over 16 years’ experience in internal communications working in senior business communications roles for some of the world’s leading brands.